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How to Clone a Cannabis Plant

Once you have a nice collection of quality marijuana seeds, the next step is of course, quality marijuana plants.  In an effort to reduce your expense and time spent with male plants, we introduce "How to Clone Marijuana Plants" (specifically, female marijuana plant cloning).

When you know your plant is female and you want to continue to grow that particular weed, you can clone the cannabis plant many times over without any loss of potency.  These offspring retain all the qualities of the original "mother" plant.

Your marijuana clone is also guaranteed female. Therefore, when you replant it, your resources are spent on a female species that you enjoy!  No lost time, soil, nutrients, or energy .  This practice also allows for a repetitious harvest throughout any time of the year.  As you will find, cloning your favorite marijuana plants can be easy and save you big money.  You can clone a marijuana plant many, many times from it's off-shoots.

Cloning cannabis plants or How to Clone Cannabis, should not be confused with breeding marijuana plants, these are two completely different topics. Here, we are cloning a pot plant to provide for the exact same female species, versus breeding similar or different plants for their 'new' offspring strains.

The cannabis plant is strong and versatile, it can be turned back to the vegetative stage once it has begun flowering and shows itself as a female.

The following process can be used to reproduce (or clone) a female marijuana plant once it has already been moved to the flowering (12/12) cycle and is determined to be female.  You can clearly see the female pistils in this photograph.
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